Till’s Update – 25th August

On Monday I had to get up easy coz I had to do my travel training and it was very good and I do like travel on a bus north Devon district Hospital and I am starting a course at the hospital called project search and I Am really happy that I have got a course in September

On Tuesday
Today I am doing my computer course and I did my travel training again today and I had to thing were to get the bus form in Barnstaple bus station to fine the letter to catch the bus tom the hospital

On Wednesday
I am having a lift from a lady from the hospital to take me to the project search and when I am getting a life back home so I have leaned about to be good on the bus to work and how to be talk a bit softy do the bus I did my driving thing it was really good fun and at first we had some lunch and I had 20 minutes in the car also I had to put the gear to 2nd then I went a bit faster when I came back to made well were was a crochet course in the craft pod and that was very nice to do and now I can do some crochet now so I can teach some body to crochet

On Thursday
I help with Sarah doing some art with the pops boys and that was really good fun I also help them doing same art it was really good fun I really like doing art coz I like doing some drawing of the things in the craft pod also I like doing knitting in the craft pod and sometimes when I am doing some art crochet it makes me calm

On Friday
I have working in a café called toast and also did same cooking up the first floor I really doing cooking so the customers and I also take a drink to the customers to sometimes and I also like doing the washing up and putting the dish washer on when I came home to do some knitting for a bit and that was nice

On Saturday
I have been working at the hairdresser doing the cleaning and making some of tea and coffee for the customers when they are having their hair cuts and I was really about doing same perming also went home to have a chilling time

On Sunday
We went out for a Sunday roast with my friends and that was very nice and when went home to watch a film