Till’s Update – 1st September

On Monday I had my mum and dad come over to see me and mum and I went shopping to get some bits to take home
And I was very happy that I seen mum and dad that to see me to have a chat with me about their holiday and it was very good holiday what they told me

On Tuesday

Today I am updating my blog today and I am also going to start on my wedding dress for the fashion show today and I am also going to do some knitting in the craft pod and I really like doing some knitting

On Wednesday
I help Karen and reach in the café and it was really good fun and when I take the food to the customers they give me a really nice smile to me and it makes me really happy when I got my 5£ from them that was really nice of them

On Thursday

I did some art work in the craft pod with Sarah and I had a really good idea like doing a wedding dress for the fashion show that we are going to have in the winder time it will take me a while to do bit I will try to made the wedding dress

On Friday

I having working in a café called toast doing some washing up and putting the dish washer on and same time I take the food the customers and also I take the drinks to them to then when they finish I take the plaes down to be wash

On Saturday

I went to the boom fire night in Torrington and that was a really good night and I seen the fireworks it was really nice to it up in the nice night sky then I seen my sister and my nieces in Torrington to see the fireworks

On Sunday

I had a really nice day off on Sunday doing some crochet making a blacken for the cat at made well and I was watching a film it was a really nice film when I played a card game with house mates at home.