Ann pictured with some delicious homemade flapjacks likes to work in the café every Thursday.
“It’s fun and I enjoy helping with cooking and serving people’.

Caitilin’s first day working in the café.

“I started work at 10am. I made an asparagus and bacon quiche and cheese and onion pasties. I enjoyed working in the café. It went really well and I’m looking forward to working in here every Thursday. I’ve also enjoyed meeting new customers, it’s been a positive experience”.

Julie says… ‘I like the farm because people are thoughtful, friendly and understanding. I enjoy looking after all the lovely animals’

A few words from David. “I find that working in the gardens helps me to relax and de-stress. I also find that the garden area is beautiful with all the flowers. Also I used vegetables as part of my independent cooking session”.

A few words from Robert… “Its tremendous. I learn about practical jobs to do with growing veg and helping out in the gardens. I enjoy it, it’s good and really nice”.

Made-Well attendee Terry said: “I love it at Made-Well, it’s wonderful. There are all sorts of things you can do. I look forward to going. I learn a lot there. It’s the greatest god send there could be. I would go everyday if I could”.

Olivia says… “I like mucking out animals and helping with the sheep and lambing with Carol and Susie. I love it at Made-Well, it’s a great place”.

Janet said “It’s good to cook with home grown fresh vegetables. I think it tastes beautiful, so much better than shop brought, which has probably travelled hundreds of miles to get to the shop where as ours travelled a few feet from garden to kitchen”.

Mark would like to say… “My name is Mark. I like woodwork, I like making stuff. I’ve made loads of things, such as bird houses, pictures with hearts on them and picture frames. I do woodwork every week and my favourite bit is creating from scratch, taking a piece of wood and turning it into something”.