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We run daily sessions designed to enable people of all abilities to take part in activities that are purposeful, developing new skills and providing new experiences that help promote independence and enhance life skills.

We find that working together helps develop practical and social skills, increases confidence, self-esteem and ultimately quality of life. Whether it is going to the market to sell vegetables, baking a cake, or creating a work of art, we provide support to help people achieve their goals whatever these may be.

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We run daily sessions in animal care and have a friendly collection of animals including poultry, goats, sheep and pigs. We have recently adopted three lovely Irish donkeys from the Donkey sanctuary. Animal care is extremely rewarding in many ways and people have the opportunity to get involved in all aspects of animal care including lambing, mucking out, grooming, goat walking, collecting eggs, feeding, bottle feeding lambs in the lambing season and general petting.

We are continuously working on new projects to improve and extend the farming experience.

We have our own pigs, lambs and cows which provide us with meat for our café and skills centre. The meat is also on sale to the public. Our poultry supplies us with eggs which are used to make amazing cakes, quiches and other tasty treats on sale in the Made-Well café.

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This group offers people the opportunity to learn computer skills. People can work on individual projects as well as learn the basics of computing such as typing, web browsing, emailing, setting up word documents, typing skills and much more.

If anybody wants to develop their skills further intermediate computer session are available. During these sessions people also have the opportunity to bring along their own devices and learn how to use them.

We have an IT expert run the computer sessions who is on hand to offer all the technical support people need.

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People are offered the opportunity to help with various essential jobs around the farm including pressure washing, fencing, lambing, grass cutting, mucking out, checking animals and much more.

Lambing season at Made-Well is an exciting time of year when everybody gets a chance to participate. We also offer lambing courses to the public.

The people that come to Made-Well and the public alike have the opportunity to learn about all stages of lambing including caring for new born lambs, helping with births and the joys, trials and tribulations of new born lambs.

Music is a language everybody can understand and be included in, accessible to all from singing a song to banging a tambourine. People are supported to improve their singing skills through vocal exercises.

We build on confidence by performing in front of people and allow people to express themselves through the media of music.

Once a year we put on a talent show so everybody has the chance to show off their amazing talent.

The reading group is a creative activity with a therapeutic purpose. It aims to involve members in a stimulating and engaging discussion. Everybody’s ideas are welcome and respected.

People are able to take it in turns reading if they would like and give their point of view on the story… Discussing things such as; what did we like about the story, the theme and meaning, would we recommend the story and so forth.

And of course you can’t beat a good story with friends and tea and cake!

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We believe in the importance of being active and its benefits on mental & physical wellbeing. We offer a variety of activities including weekly swimming sessions , Wii fit sessions, nature walks, sports day, 5 a side football, bike rides and we are about to start regular tennis sessions at Hatherleigh tennis courts.

We find group sports and exercise is fun and motivates people to get active.

We run ‘Around the World’ cooking courses throughout the year. We visit different Countries which gives people the opportunity to learn the basics of some traditional recipes from around the world. These international cooking sessions introduce a variety of preparation and cooking skills.

Each session focuses on a different country and to complement the course we learn about culture, listen to traditional music and combine learning with fun.

The sessions are very popular and valuable and help people progress their skills and confidence in cooking.

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Our ‘Happy Cooking from garden to plate’ sessions are designed to give people the opportunity to learn about nutrition and healthy eating and involves growing, cooking and eating food produced on the Made-Well site. We make lunch using salad and vegetables from the Made-Well gardens and herbs from our planters. We also use meats and cheese available from the Made-Well café.

It’s fantastic that we can pick fresh produce straight out of the gardens and we have so much to choose from!

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The Made-Well gardens continue to grow year by year. The aim of the gardens is to involve people in the whole process of plant growth from seed to the end product of vegetables or flowers. We can offer people the opportunity to grow their own produce.

We run daily gardening sessions involving sowing, growing, harvesting, reaping raised beds, painting raised beds, watering, weaving of willow hedges, grass cutting and selling produce at local markets.

The vegetables that we grow are used in the café and our cooking sessions to produce fresh quality food, we also supply our Head Office Barowe House. We have a plant stand at Made-Well where you can buy our produce. Made-Well also runs a stall at various markets and local events. In spring we offer a range of bedding plants that you can buy.

People have the opportunity to help out in the Made-Well office. There are many tasks which need completing such as making flyers, photocopying, articles for the Made-Well Times, filing, answering phone calls, laminating and using the computer.

Our sessions offer people the opportunity to learn the basics of photography. There are various projects, outings and competitions for people to get involved in. We like to use the cameras creatively and there is the option of uploading pictures onto a computer and adding different effects.

A selection of devices can be used during these sessions including cameras,iPad and phones. iPads are especially useful due to their accessibility and size helping everybody to be included.

In our photography sessions we have made calendars to sell in the café, key rings, entered photography into local shows, taken photos for the Made-Well Times, Facebook page and website, taken photos for personal projects and leisure and much more…

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On Monday mornings we run a sewing class offering people the opportunity to learn to sew and to make items of their choice. We run group sessions and can offer people dedicated time. So far we have made bags, pin cushions, cushion covers and dolls.

People are able to take their finished items home with them.

Working together, we can transform bits of wood into a variety of different objects. The wood workshop produces a range of items that we sell in our cafe. Whilst producing these crafts for sale people learn a variety of skills. We often enter our work into local shows and we have won many awards.

We support people to work on their own personal projects too which they take home.

The woodwork team also make items to order for the general public.

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In the art class we try to create a relaxed and supportive environment for people to explore self-expression through drawing and painting.

The aim is to encourage everyone who comes to produce work which is unique to them in some way.

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‘Creative growth’ is a project that has been designed to combine Art and Horticulture and the approach is to experience what we do by having fun and learning about what is needed for a healthy environment and for things to grow. Workshops run each Wednesday morning 10 – 12pm.

We find that the best way to learn is by being out in the garden, being practical and learning as we work.

Being out in the green space improves your physical and mental well being.

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We are running weekly Independent Living Skills sessions. A programme was designed that focuses on subjects that people may need support with and give them the skills to live independently in the future. The sessions have included personal hygiene, coping with stress and sexual awareness.

The sessions are led by the people that come to Made-Well, which gives people the opportunity to discuss issues and ask questions in a safe environment.

We have discussed relationships and dating, confidence building, as well as appropriate social behaviors. We will continue with these sessions for as long as people request them. In the future we intend to include bullying, staying safe and safety on the internet.

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Gary our maintenance engineer offers people the opportunity to go out and learn essential DIY maintenance skills in a real working environment, this includes work experience at Made-Well and the Lyndridge supported living houses.

The valuable skills people learn whilst working with Gary can be transferred into their daily lives and used to find employment in the future.

The pottery is a slip pottery which means items are made in moulds. We use a non-toxic glaze and a no fail glaze which means everybody can achieve pleasing results. We have also recently began making pieces of pottery by hand; the tactile, hands on approach has been very popular.

The pottery is open throughout the week and also open to members of the public on Saturdays, so we welcome bookings… please feel free to contact us.