Legends of Chimaera: Chi, Tribes and Betrayals Film Review

The story continues where left of season 1. Season 2 is called Chi, Tribes and betrayals. The storyline continues, with battle scenes and action and fighting against each other as tribes. This DVD is spilt into two two discs. Here are a list of ten Episodes, which are listed below:

Disc one:

  1. The Chi Jackers
  2. Balancing Act
  3. Crocodile Tears
  4. Fake Chi, Real Trouble
  5. Ravens vs. Eagles

Disc two:

  1. Reunion Gone Wrong
  2. Laval in Exile
  3. The Black Cloud
  4. Chimaera Falls
  5. For Chimaera

The special features include thirteen bonus Lego legends of Chimera Adventures! The storyline is similar to disc one and disc two, expect this time it shows never seen before special thirteen episodes. This episodes are thrilling and very unique. Finally, if you are fan of Season 1, buy Season 2 Part two to watch.

I would give this Chimaera Season 2 Part Two review ten out of ten, for a exciting and thrilling DVD full of lots of action and twists and turns along the way. This DVD includes realistic scenes throughout. I would also like to give this review five stars out of five stars, as I thought it was exciting, thrilling and action-packed.