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Donkey update – written by Lee

Today we used three different spices in the donkeys field, blackened Cajun spice, garam masala and mixed spice. The donkeys appeared to like all the spices but took an extreme liking to blackened Cajun space. As well as one donkey taking a liking to Lee's hand by biting it. The donkeys were licking the ground [...]

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This afternoon some of us have been busy bees hand carding Shetland sheep fibre. The wool fleeces are from our very own Shetland sheep Carding prepares fibre for spinning a light, airy yarn. It aligns and separates fibres, and helps to remove any foreign material. Carders are also used to blend colours and fibres. Great [...]

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Learn Devon

Today in our Learn Devon session someĀ of us have been busy bees making posters advertising the fundraising activities which we will be doing on Made-Well's open day! We have also been designing sponsorship forms for our sponsored swim , silence and walk! We can't wait to start raising money for our fantastic causes chosen by [...]

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