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Hello my name is Tllie and I am 23 years old and i love doing the lambing and i like going to the movie to watch any films and going horse riding around Made-Well farm
When I first stated at Made-Well i was a little scared at first when I was talking to new friends when I stay at Jack’s Barn for a bit when i stated working at Made-Well with some really good friends that I know ti talk to
In November 2014 i was the carnival queen in Hatherleigh carnival and i made the float at Made-Well i had a really good time being the carnival queens and on the day of the carnival I wad crowned to be the Hatherleigh queen so i was so happy about doing it and it made me feel very happy staying at Made-Well

Till’s Update – 1st September

On Monday I had my mum and dad come over to see me and mum and I went shopping to get some bits to take homeAnd I was very happy that I seen mum and dad that to see me to have a chat with me about their holiday and it was very good holiday [...]

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Till’s Update – 25th August

On Monday I had to get up easy coz I had to do my travel training and it was very good and I do like travel on a bus north Devon district Hospital and I am starting a course at the hospital called project search and I Am really happy that I have got a [...]

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Till’s Update – 18th August

On Monday I had a really nice day off and I went shopping with my friends on Monday and last night we had the kitten down to play and she is 9 mouths old and her name is called Skyler On TuesdayToday I am doing my blog for madewell and I am doing it with [...]

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Till’s Week – 24th April

On Monday I went to work at toast the café in Oakhampton like doing the washing up and put in the dashers in the dasher and in the evening I had a really good evening watching TV and doing some knitting On Tuesday I working in the made well café and like washing up the [...]

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Till’s Week – 17th April

On MondayI went to work at toast café helping doing the washing up and doing the dish washer and helping to give the food to the customers in the café and I am very happy that I am working in a café called toast in the evening I have made a very nice meal for [...]

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Till’s Week – 10th April

On Monday i went to the beach with my friends and we had some chips i lay in the sun getting a tan. On Tuesday i work in the cafe with Kanen and i get 5 pounds for it so i am very happy about it. On Wednesday i went to exeter to do some [...]

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Till’s Week – 3rd April

Day 1 MondayI went to toast to do the washing up and cleaning the tables and I put the dashers in the dish washer to make the dashers nice and clean them to put away Day 2 Tuesday I did some working in the café with Karen and Rachel doing the washing up and putting [...]

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Till’s Week – 27th March

Well I have been doing around world cooking course on Tuesday and I have made a chicken curry for even one at made well and it was very good fun my best day was doing the planning meeting about doing events and days trips out and doing the course at Madewell This year I am [...]

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