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Legends of Chimaera: Chi, Tribes and Betrayals Film Review

The story continues where left of season 1. Season 2 is called Chi, Tribes and betrayals. The storyline continues, with battle scenes and action and fighting against each other as tribes. This DVD is spilt into two two discs. Here are a list of ten Episodes, which are listed below: Disc one: The Chi Jackers [...]

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Batman: The Brave and The Bold Volume Six and Seven

Batman: the brave bold storyline for Volume 6 is based on all favourite characters from Volume 5. They fight against villains and save the world! The series is made of six episodes. Finally, all the characters who fight against villains are DC Comics Super Heroes. Listed below are eleven episodes from Volume 6 and Volume [...]

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Kensuke’s Kingdom

This book is called Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. He is the author of Warhorse, which a major feature film. This book was published in 1999 and this edition was published 2014. Finally, book was edited by Terence Buckler and Professor Seigo Tonimoto. The storyline is about young boy who sailing storm seas. He lands [...]

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James Patterson Bookshots

James Patterson’s Bookshots are written as short fast paced thrillers. The cost of the books is normally £1.50. The storyline is dark and dramatic for thrill seekers. The storyline of each is based on the title of book. He has written forty two books in the Bookshots Series. Altogether he has written about two hundred [...]

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History of Danger Mouse and Mouse Books

Danger mouse officially started as TV series in 1981 to 1992. Then after thirteen years they rebooted the series and bought back new people doing the voices. The two main characters are Danger Mouse and sidekick Penfold.  The characters in the TV series are listed below in two sections, Characters and Supporting Characters. I comparing [...]

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Britannia Book by Simon Scarrow

This book is called Britannia by Simon Scarrow. This is Roman AD 52 book. The storyline is based on the western tribes inspired by the druids’ Hatred of the Romans, preparing to make stand. Can they match the discipline and courage of legionaries? Wounded during a skirmish Centurion Macro is in charge of commands or [...]

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History of Chess and Technique in Chess

The history of chess is traced back nearly one thousand five hundred years. However, we do definitely know Greeks played great chess. The list countries chess played in stretches all around the world. The main three countries that chess practiced in are India, Japan and Africa. Finally, in total there are one hundred sixty countries [...]

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Fantastic Beasts

The film called Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is based on a certain number of wonderful and mostly harmless beasts. The essential storyline is about finding beasts and replacing them back to original finding place. Also some of storyline is based on one of the characters being bitten on the neck and he [...]

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