Batman: The Brave and The Bold Volume Six and Seven

Batman: the brave bold storyline for Volume 6 is based on all favourite characters from Volume 5. They fight against villains and save the world! The series is made of six episodes. Finally, all the characters who fight against villains are DC Comics Super Heroes. Listed below are eleven episodes from Volume 6 and Volume 7:

Volume 7

  1. Death Race to Oblivion!
  2. Long Arm of the Law
  3. Revenge of the Reach
  4. Aqua man’s Outrageous Adventure
  5. The Golden Age of Justice
  6. Sidekicks Assemble!

Volume 6

  1. The Last Bat on Earth!
  2. When Omac attack!
  3. Mayhem of the Music Meister!
  4. Inside The Outsiders!
  5. The Fate of Equinox!

My Favourite episode in volume 6 is Mayhem of the Music Meister. My favourite episode in volume 7 is Aqua man’s Outrageous Adventure. Episode 3 is about very funny Music Villain. Finally, the Aqua man’s outrageous Adventure is about very funny adventure with Aqua man’s as main character in his own special adventure.

I would like to give batman volume six and volume 7 a combined score of eighteen out of twenty as like enjoyed every episode and was hooked from the start of the first episode in volume 6 and volume 7. Batman: Brave and the bold was produced by Warner Bro’s Kids. Finally, I would like to give volume 6 and seven four stars out of five stars.